Episode One: Talking with Dianna Hunter - Breaking Hard Ground & Chasing Utopia

August 24th, 2018


Episode One: Talking with Dianna Hunter - Breaking Hard Ground & Chasing Utopia

On a recent sunny summer day in Minneapolis, MN, I had the honor and privilege of sitting down and chatting with activist, teacher and author, Dianna Hunter, in the community room at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis. Hunter is the author of Breaking Hard Ground, and most recently, Wild Mares: My Back-to-the-Land Lesbian Life published by The University of Minnesota Press. 

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Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land Life (University of Minnesota Press)
Wild Mares: My Lesbian Back-to-the-Land (Amazon)

Breaking Hard Ground (Amazon)

"Wild Mares" provides a firsthand view of the lesbian feminist movement in the 1960's and women's community at and after the moments of inception. Also, the point of view of a young woman’s life lived, literally, on the ground, in the fertile soil of struggling small farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

In her appraisal of "Wild Mares", Finn Enke, author of "Finding the Movement" wrote, “Dianna Hunter’s engaging memoir thoughtfully recounts a feminist era, ethos, and way of life that has been, until recently, largely lost to the historical record. Told with nuanced self-reflection and respect for wider contexts, Hunter’s stories will challenge any narrow assumptions about what it was like to create and live the ‘second wave.’

Dianna Hunter is the author of the book and radio series "Breaking Hard Ground: Stories of the Minnesota Farm Advocates", along with numerous articles, essays, short stories, and poems, both printed and performed. She contributed writing and drawings to "So’s Your Old Lady", the journal of the Lesbian Resource Center from its first issue, and she has taught writing and women's and gender studies at four universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Superior, where she was a lecturer and director until she retired in 2012.

-from University of Minnesota Press

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